Fortress DAO proposes allocation of 50% of treasury stablecoins to Fodl Finance USDC/USDC position rewards farming

  • Low-risk strategies such as stablecoin-based farming or high-volume arbitrage
  • Venture-style investments into newly launched protocols
  • Development of revenue-generating subsidiaries of Fortress DAO

What is Fodl Finance?

  • Loss of peg: We believe that it is unlikely that the USD Coin will lose its peg. However, even in that eventuality, there is zero risk of liquidation given that the asset being borrowed is identical to the asset being supplied.
  • Impermanent loss: There is zero risk of impermanent loss in a USDC/USDC position.
  • Contract/platform risk: We believe that the contract/platform risk of locking up treasury funds in a Fodl position is extremely low due to the following factors: (1) the Quantstamp audit, (2) the extensive experience of the Fodl Finance team, and (3) the fact that existing venture capitalists have publicly announced investments in Fodl.

Implementation details





Strength Together. Vires Simul.

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Strength Together. Vires Simul.

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