Announcing Fortress DAO: A decentralized reserve currency, guarding and growing your wealth

What is Fortress DAO?

Why Fortress DAO?

What’s Next for Fortress DAO?

  • We plan on choosing a commonly used and easily accessible chain, making it easy for potential investors to mint, bond, and stake $FORT
  • Unlike Ethereum, transaction fees on alt-chains are extremely low (almost always under several cents)
  • All code, both smart contracts and the Fortress DAO frontend, will be published on GitHub
  • Smart contracts will be verified before the presale
  • Presale participants will provide a capped amount of a stablecoin in return for an allocation of $FORT
  • Funds raised from the presale will be split between (1) the Fortress DAO treasury, (2) provision of FORT/<stablecoin> liquidity on PancakeSwap, and (3) a direct allocation for team members
  • Holders of $FORT will be able to stake their $FORT and access a targeted ~1,000,000% APY
  • New investors will have the opportunity to mint $FORT at a discount by bonding FORT/<stablecoin> LP or or <stablecoin> alone
  • Code will be audited by a leading firm such as Certik or Quantstamp
  • Treasury funds will be kept safu behind a multisig held by the core administrators

When will Fortress DAO launch?




Strength Together. Vires Simul.

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Strength Together. Vires Simul.

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